What is the Best Way to Protect and Backup Your Data?

We buy insurance for every aspect of our lives; car, life, home, health, even our cell phones. Most of us are probably over insured, yet we fail to protect our digital lives. Many people find out too late, only after they have lost everything stored on their computer, camera, phone or other devices, what they should be doing to protect and backup their data.

It is vital to backup your data before a failure occurs.

Mac users, consider using Time Machine to facilitate a consistent ongoing backup. Windows users, consider enabling the Restore Points feature and scheduling full system backups to an external hard drive at least once a week. iPhone/iPad users, start using iTunes to backup your devices. Linux users, consider choosing a backup utility available at SourceForge.net.

Always handle computers, phones, and external data storage devices carefully. Prevent excessive heat, static discharge, liquid damage, and dropping or bumping your devices.

Are you concerned that data loss has occurred or is imminent?

Losing your data can be overwhelming. Taking the right course of action can be critical in recovering your digital life. If your system fails to boot, has signaled that a file or folder is missing or unreachable, or has indicated that a hard drive is not accessible, shutdown the system immediately to prevent further data loss. Stop using your hard drive or other data storage device immediately if it stops responding.

The best opportunity to recover data from a failing device is always with the first attempt. Off-the-shelf data recovery software can ruin your chances of recovering your data. If your data is important to you, contact Data Rescue MDs at 847-461-3282!  Our data recovery engineers use their expertise and professional grade data recovery equipment and training and have the knowledge and experience to recover your digital life.



Customer Testimonial

“As a health care professional, I was horrified to find that the hard drive on my MacBook Pro sustained mechanical damage ... The data on my damaged hard drive represented almost 200 GB of professional files (many of which required a company that is HIPAA compliant to retrieve) accumulated throughout my career. I cannot say enough good things about the experience I had with Data Rescue MDs. They were efficient, extremely capable, and pleasant to work with, not to mention much more affordable than other comparable options. Brian was able to get me in immediately and he made me feel like recovering my data was his top priority.” - V.R., Physician, Highland Park, Illinois

Customer Testimonial

“Keep this website handy for a wonderful local resource for data recovery, datarescuemds.com.  My external hard drive hit the floor and had the “click of death.”  Data Rescue MDs: Integrity,  Personalized Attention, Reasonable, Experts!” - Photographer,  Highland Park, Illinois