Thank you for coming here to learn more about the only negative review that we have received - years ago. The dishonest, inappropriate and misdirected review from Katie Smit.  To be clear, we declined to perform services on this client's drive, due to it's complex mechanical architecture combined with the catastrophic damage it sustained when she dropped it. We suggested that she refer it to one of two other data recovery companies, that at that time, years ago, would have "possibly" been able to effectively address the catastrophic damage. True, our quotes are normally a small fraction of other data recovery companies, but for some reason, she decided to inappropriately direct her emotional distress, for the high prices quoted by other data recovery companies, to us.  Consider reading the ACTUAL email response sent to Katie, below. Unfortunately, she did not appreciate our honesty and integrity in that email and chose to disparage our good name in a google review.  For the rest of you that have experienced a data loss, we look forward to cheerfully and cost-effectively recovering that lost part of your digital lives as we have for countless other delighted clients. Data Rescue MDs always provides the best professional data recovery services and value!

Hi Katie,

Our passion is data recovery and recovering the lost digital lives of our clients. Our first obligation to our customers is to do no further harm to their data - I hope you can appreciate that. 

The tracking number for your return package is: 1Z8F22634298677493.  UPS shows it as "Out for delivery."

We're able to help in 90% of the cases presented; unfortunately, this cleanroom recovery falls outside our comfort zone due to the complexity of this specific drive's mechanical architecture in the face of a seized spindle and we've handled some very complex cleanroom recoveries. 

This drive construction is unique to other seagate drives.  Please consider consulting us if you have any concern about the service providers you're considering sending the drive to; it sincerely MUST be a legitimate professional data recovery company to have ANY probability of recovery.

When you're interviewing prospective data recovery companies, consider asking them whether they have the expertise to safely retract the actuator arm, parked at the center of the media, on this "seized spindle drive" without causing media damage and transfer the multi-platter stack to a donor chassis in an ISO compliant cleanroom environment.

We are interested to know whether your data is ultimately recovered.  Thank you in advance.

Best regards,


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